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SPR #<- Documents in the Release Notes associated with this SPR:
YXUU4QUAXMFull-text search: logical operations with DBCS
YXUU43NCEAFull-text search issues
YXGO56HDV2Java GB18030 Font Support (R5.0.11)
YUMA48QLMMWhy won't Webmail work with Netscape 4.6 ?
YTAK4QXQJJImporting files with non-US-English character sets
YHAI4A75QPDesigners: Don't use FTV_Max_Fields or FTV_Fields_database
YHAI4A75QPAdministrators: Don't use FTV_Max_Fields or FTV_Fields_database
WMDD478QE3Restore Bookmark Defaults
WEBB42RFQTNotes 4.x cannot open a Notes R5 mail or calendar file
VOA3S2L4AReplacing Document Library design with R4.6 or R5 design
VMAA4DWTV7'Use Outline' on Windows 2000
VMAA4CWQ4EKnown issues and considerations regarding ECLs
VMAA49YNYTMacintosh Design Synopsis fails to report Java code
VMAA46DLFYHotspot/link issues
VMAA45NLX7Private on first view doesn't update in an outline
VMAA45ATBL@SetTargetFrame and pre-defined target names
VMAA44DJ64Outline entry issues
VMAA442TRCCategorized embedded view display in Notes
VMAA42JRBVR5 embedded elements lost if form design saved in R4
VMAA3YLSGXOutline entry issues
VMAA3XYLXHUse space bar to select in navigation pane after F6
VDSE4BLEWVCannot export LDAP schema if schema50.nsf is open
VAY42ZQUZCannot use R5 to open R4 database on read-only media
TOKA43LBF2Cannot use termweight syntax in Search by Field
TMEK45N9WDEmbedded Java Applet issues
THS452KF2SmartSuite performance issue with Notes R5
TGUZRB6Q4CAdditional DECS Guide Availability
TGAN46CMRYClose and reopen new Certificate Authority database
TEDS4JQR3LCompact -L does not work