03 Troubleshooting
Administrator Client, Server
Recertifying certificate after adding alternate name

In R5.0, when the Administration Process server task processes a Recertify Person in Address Book request issued by a Certifier ID with a multibyte character alternate name, the request may fail with the following message:

The problem is the Certifier document in the Domino Directory has an invalid public key that contains a truncated multibyte character alternate name. This needs to be fixed by replacing the truncated public key with the good public key from the Certifier ID file.

This issue affects some Certifier IDs with multibyte characters (for example, Japanese characters), and some IDs containing alternate names longer than 10 characters created with the 5.0 Domino Administrator. Alternate names added to Certifier IDs with the R5.0.1 Domino Administrator will be correctly stored in the Certifier document.

Follow these steps to correct the problem: