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Overview - New Features and Enhancements

A cumulative list of all fixes announced via previous R5 Release Notes can be found in the online Release Notes README.NSF database that ships with each new release of the Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino products. Features and enhancements newly introduced in previous R5 releases (such as Release 5.0a) are available in the History of Changes chapter. All features and enhancements listed in that chapter for are also carried forward into the current Notes and Domino R5 Maintenance Release (MR) unless otherwise stated.

Official Fix Lists of Software Problem Report (SPR) fixes and enhancements are also available at the Lotus Developer Domain (LDD) web site. (These Fix Lists are segregated by product, however, rather than comprehensively presented in one location like the fixes reported in the online Release Notes database. The Fix Lists are available on the various Incremental Installer pages in the LDD web site "Download" area).

In addition to shipping with the core product, online Release Notes databases containing the comprehensive Fix Lists for a release are available for download or live web browser viewing at the Lotus Developer Domain. The Documentation site at there is:

Notes/Domino Fix Lists

Beginning with Release 5.0.5, we have introduced the new R5 Web Fix List Application, which will allow you to access all of the fix list entries for the 5.0.x codestream on LDD via this new delivery mechanism. The Release 5.0.5 fix list is contained on this new site, along with previous R5.0x fix lists. You can access the R5 Web Fix List application on LDD at For more detailed information regarding the R5 Web Fix List application, refer to the Release Note entitled "R5 Web Fix Lists on Lotus Developer Domain". (NOTE: Fix Lists after R5.0.3 are not posted in the Release Notes, as they are also available in the new R5 Web Fix List Application.)

Online Release Notes SPR Tracking View
The sole purpose of this view in the online README.NSF database is to provide a means for finding SPR-related issues that happen to be discussed in the Release Notes. This list is not comprehensive. The presence of an SPR in this view does not imply a 'fix' or development action is imminent, nor does the absence of an SPR in this view imply an issue is 'resolved' or 'no longer under consideration' by Lotus, unless otherwise stated.

Details of feature changes
The documents that directly follow (in the online database, the items in the "Details of feature changes" section of the "History of changes" chapter) discuss details of prominent feature changes since the original R5 product release. Not all features are discussed in this section.

The specific revision number in the "History of changes" chapter contain a complete historical listing of feature changes, in the "New features and enhancements for R5.0.x". Those documents are grouped according to the release in which they were first documented.

This "Details of feature changes" section gives you a view of all the details of feature changes that went into the product since R5 -- without having to sort through each revision number. (In Release Notes before R5.0.10, many of these had been in the "Feature changes" section of the "Things you need to know" chapter.)

Refer to the "New Features" section of the "What's new?" chapter for a listing of all new features for this particular Maintenance Release.